The Greatest Fear

Jeffrey Goines
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This journal is encrypted in the "english language method", any attempt
to decipher meaning from these symbols is a violation of the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. This includes, but is not limited
to: interpreting the symbols through use of biological, visual
decryption devices, translating the symbols into another language
encryption scheme, and digital processing the symbolsinto a form
conducive to oral interpretation. Thank you for your time.
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I am 23almost 30 and living in Minnesota. Trying to go backStill going to school and not trying to slack off, but it ends up happening that way. I try to pay off my consumer whore debt, but spending money to have a good time is just too easy. I watched others handle my packages at UPS for two years. Then worked for ShopNBC informing customers of their awful credit. I gave phone support for timeclocks from my couch in my boxers for years. Now I work helping IT install our crummy software. In my free time I watch movies and go out to dinner/drink with my girlfriend or friends. I'm always up for spontaneous travel.

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